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LauriJo_ProductsPageI can remember going into Mama Loyce’s house when I was a little girl. I would always find green tomato pickles in the refrigerator. I grew up learning to can and preserve fresh vegetables from our farm with my mother. We put up a lot of things but never those pickles.

After marrying Mike, the love of my life, we moved back into my childhood home. There, I found an old brown paper bag with the hand-written recipes for pickles, pepper jelly, and jam. These recipes were handed down from my Jim Mama – Mama Loyce’s mother.

That’s why Lauri Jo’s products taste like your grandmother’s. They are my great-grandmothers’ recipes that my family grew up on. The pickles are old-fashioned lime pickles. We don’t cut corners; we make them just like they did.

My mother-in-law, Nanny (Sandra) is our kitchen manager and is a pepper jelly perfectionist. All of our products are made in small batches with the freshest produce and are poured and labeled by hand.

ladies-in-front-of-pool-800x600So for you, our treasured customer – we thank you, we appreciate you, and we count on you!! Without you, there would be no Lauri Jo’s.

Lauri Jo’s is about more than food. We want to be your friend. We want to brighten up your party, spruce up your dinner and put smiles on the faces at your breakfast table. Most of all, we want to continue bringing you flavor, food and fun!


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